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's not my problem. go talk to the pentagon." retired brigadier general wilma vaught says the defense bill president obama signed in january which addresses sexual assault will hold commanders responsible. >> vaught: i think those steps will be very helpful, because we put on record when someone's been charged, and it won't be forgotten. there's going to be a record, that even though they escaped with no penalty the first time, the second time it comes, you're going to dig into it to see what the truth really is. >> some 26,000 service men and women were victims of sexual assault last year. both sanchez and vaught say alcohol is often the culprit. >> congresswoman norton, are targets of sexual assault in the military, men and women, abusing alcohol and getting themselves in trouble? >> bonnie, as long as a woman or man is able to say "no," the cause of sexual assault always belongs with the perpetrator. >> of course in the military or civilian population one sexual assault is one sexual assault too many. this is a shadow on our military. >> the military culture has been turning a blind eye
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1